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We feel that the most important aspect of the treatment program offered to our valued customers is Chemindus quality service program. Our QMS service involves our customers in establishing service goals and key performance indicators. A service plan is mutually established in order to achieve program objectives. This will include monitoring operator and treatment controls while investigating areas to continuously improve performance. Chemindus team will meet on a regular basis to review results, progress made since last review and establish goals for the ensuing time period. The Quality Management System assures that Chemindus treatment programs are performing to customers’ expectations and at optimum costs.



Wherever and whenever possible, Chemindus prefers to make a full survey of any plant to be treated before making a proposal. On occasions when we do not have this opportunity, we will supply the chemicals as requested by our customers. However, during the initial service periods, a survey will be carried out with a view to enhance/ optimize the program.



During the start-up period. Chemindus Representative(s) will be present on site to ensure that all Chemindus programs are initiated to the fullest satisfaction of both the customer and Chemindus
Assistance with the installation and start-up of dosing equipment.
Assistance and training with the establishment of test procedures which will enable the plant to manage and control the treatment programs.


The Service Engineer will visit the plant regularly. During each visit, he will fulfill the following service requirements:

Check and inspect each system, plant and associated equipment being treated

Discuss with operators and plant working personnel performance or problems during the past week

Check operator’s log sheets and compare these with prescribed operating limits

Take a full set of samples from the system(s) and analyze these samples on site

Calibrate chemical dosing pumps to optimize chemical dosages

Relate results of the analysis to routine control tests as logged
Discuss with plant engineer(s) and management on the status of the treatment program
Prepare on each visit a detailed report and discuss the findings of the report with management, etc. Specify in writing the action plan/recommendations to be implemented on the treatment for the ensuing period.
Check and report any irregularities related to the treatment program
Ensure that adequate stocks of chemicals are maintained at the site and that dosing and feeding equipment is performing satisfactory
By verbal communication, promote interest and collaboration in the implementation of the treatment program


On non-routine basis, but rather dictated by circumstances, the following service commitments are made:

Seminars to orientate and train operators, foremen, engineers and management on the technology of water treatment with the objectives of improving understanding and motivating interest in a satisfactory treatment program

Inspections on equipment and water treatment related systems during plant turnaround

Specific study as and when necessary to optimize energy utilization and water consumption
Troubleshooting of water related problems