About Us

Established in 1992

CHEMINDUS has evolved to become the leading supplier of specialist water treatment chemicals & service provider in Malaysia today.

Portrait of woman's hands with water splash.


To be the most innovative products and service provider in the field of water treatment and waste management; fusing technology with quality to enable customers to achieve unsurpassed performance in our products in an environmentally sustainable manner.

close up woman hand watering a green young plant


To conduct our business in the field of water and waste management in a manner that preserves the environment, safety and health of our employees.

Two technicians are maintenance with water turbine at wastewater treatment system.


  • To provide consistent high quality products and services to fully satisfy our customers.
  • To comply with all laws and regulations of Malaysian Government and all corporate Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental guidelines.
  • To encourage awareness, concerns and respect among employees and responsibility of appropriate operating practices and training.
  • To work closely with the government, local authorities and relevant industries in fostering effective Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health rules and regulations with the consideration of risks, cost, benefit and effect in our business activities.
  • To manage our business activities with the goal of preventing any Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental incidents or impact.
  • To comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality, Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Management System.